We all know that college days can be a little short on cash for most students and there is no question that knowing how to save money and how to make money during those college years is going to prove to be a very useful thing to learn.

In this article, we are going to give you five ways to save and five ways to earn cash while you are in college.

How to save money in college:

  1. Cut your vices
    Do you smoke? Drink or have any other vice that makes you spend money on a monthly basis? Then it’s time to quit and not just for the money and for your health, but also because this gives you a chance to exercise your willpower.
  2. Split rent and live with others
    Having more than one roommate can be a great way to split costs. You can rent a small house with 3 bedrooms and you can all pitch in to pay the rent for it.
  3. Identify places that offer students discounts
    Be it for groceries, for entertainment or for any kind of activity. You will find that there are many places that offer student discounts and you should always purchase from those locations to save money.
  4. Get a bicycle
    Forget about having a vehicle in college and having to pay for papers and gas and maintenance. Just buy a bicycle. It’s good for your health and your pocket.
  5. Forget the gym, go outdoors
    You don’t need a gym to stay fit. You can have a killer body by using all kinds of bars at public parks for dips, for pull-ups and a large number of exercises. You can also jog and run. There is really no need for a gym while you are in college.

How to make money in college:

  1. Work at freelancing sites
    Places like Fiverr.com give college students a great way to earn money doing all kinds of freelancing work. This could be “write my essay” service, graphic design and proofreading among many others.
  2. Promote affiliate products
    You could start a blog or create a social media group that is related to a large number of niches that you can promote with affiliate links. This is always a great way to make extra money online.
  3. Become a tutor or teacher
    Is there anything that you know how to do very well and you think you could give other people lessons on that? Maybe you know how to play an instrument or you know a martial art. There are many skills that other people wish to have and they might hire you to help them learn those skills.
  4. Computer repair
    If you have skills with computers and hardware, you can repair and format computers for people. Remember that a large number of people purchase things because they don’t have time to do them. This means you could help people by formatting their laptops or installing new software and fixing, cleaning or replacing hardware.
  5. Walk dogs
    People need to have their dogs walked for them and if you consider yourself a dog lover, this should be a great way for you to spend a few hours and earn some extra cash. Just make sure you don’t take out more dogs than you can handle.


There are many other ways to save money and earn money while in college.

The good thing is that you can also save some of that money for after graduation if you have the discipline to start a savings account.

There are many banks that offer students very good plans for savings accounts that can start to grow with interest.