The brain is responsible for everything we do and everything we say.

It sends signals to our body for action to take place and without it, we would be completely unable to function properly.

Keeping the brain in the best possible shape is always going to be important, so in this article, we are going to give you a top 5 of brain training exercise that will help you keep your mind sharp at all times.

  1. Memory games
    The good thing about mobile technology is that you can download all kinds of great free games for brain training. Look for games that follow the “Simon Says” style and you will be able to keep your mind sharper when you need to memorize anything.
    The Simon says game is the ultimate memory game and there are many variations to it. You will find that this is going to keep your memory in the best shape when you play this game often.

  3. Finding differences
    There are games that simply involve two drawings that seem to be identical, but there are several differences that you need to spot. This is a great exercise for the brain and this is going to allow you to upgrade your skills when you are observing things and analyzing them.
    You could buy books that are filled with these exercises and they provide entertainment when you don’t want to be on your computer or phone.

  5. Use your non-dominant limbs more often
    If you play a sport like soccer, you should try to kick the ball with your non-dominant leg. If you write with your left hand, try writing with the right hand. Do the same thing with activities like brushing your teeth or holding your fork while you eat. The idea is to trigger and stimulate areas of your brain that you would usually keep dormant.

  7. Learn breathing exercises
    This is going to be extremely important in order to be able to think clearly and boost your memory. Breathing techniques are used to regular adrenaline and to bring a calm feeling your body and your mind. The brain works much better when there is enough oxygen being sent to it and this is the reason why these kinds of exercises are so popular.
    Breathing exercises are being used by people in all kinds of professions and it has become quite clear that they provide excellent results for anyone who is looking to improve their brain function.

  9. Solve puzzles
    Even if you feel like puzzles are not your thing, you should consider solving puzzles every now and then. There are all kinds of puzzles that you cold do and may websites have a large number of mental exercises that are shown in the form of puzzles. You could start with small and simple puzzle ideas and then work your way up to higher difficulties. This is an excellent way to keep your brain in top shape as it will make you think carefully and observe what you are doing.Some puzzles are going to have great images so it’s quite satisfying to finish them. Some of them can have hundreds and even thousands of pieces, so it could take weeks and even months to finish a large project depending on your time.


The most important thing to remember is that the more you challenge your brain, the stronger it becomes.

Our brains are like a muscle and the more you exercise that muscle, the stronger it will be.

This should be more than enough encouragement to remind you of the importance of practicing these exercises as often as possible.